With Aerocom Off-Site Backups you don’t need to purchase backup devices or tapes. Aerocom ensure your backups are complete and verified on a regular basis.

Data is stored off-site using the highest security algorithms, this ensures there is no way for prying eyes to read the contents of sensitive backed up data without your personal password.

What is the problem with my backups?

Most businesses know that having a good data backup is critical, and there are a lot of different options now for backups, from the traditional tape to CDs or DVDs, even removable hard drives are now an option. Many will initially ensure that this is setup and working, often at a great deal of up-front expense. There are several issues with all these solutions.

Are they still working?

Backups are often set and then forgotten about; backups need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are working correctly. Additionally, the data on these backups should be periodically checked to ensure the backup is valid.

Where are the backups?

How and when do your backup get taken off-site? Most traditional backups are done overnight when everyone has left for the day. So even if you do take your backup tape or DVD home, that is generally not until the following day. This could mean your off-site data is over 48 hours old! Can you afford to lose two days of data?

How does it work?

We install an agent on your server. Daily this agent will compare all the files with those stored on our backup server. Any files that are different are then compared to find out what part of the file has changed. It is only this part of the file that is compressed, encrypted and then copied to our backup servers. Once there, the file is recreated in its entirety. This is known as Delta copying. On our backup server this data is then moved to tape for extra protection. We also keep several versions of the file on our servers for quick recovery.

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