Aerocom Technology offers a Free Network Health Audit. The audit is performed and reports are produced detailing the overall health of your systems.

An equation is run based on patch levels; update history, operating systems, installed software, recommended hardware resource requirements, virus protection, DHCP,DNS, backups and ability for your business to recover from a disaster to produce an over-all score out of 100. In addition to this Aerocom Technology will provide you with an executive summary for your consideration.

The Free network audit is run remotely this means that in most cases we don’t need to visit your business to perform the Audit. The process is performed by an Aerocom engineer from our Aerocom offices although occasionally we do require a few minutes assistance from you or one of your employees.
 Aerocom provide the results of the Audit to you at no cost to your business with a view to helping you streamline you IT systems.

Aerocom Technology also reserve the right to decline your request for a free network audit, although in most cases we are happy to provide this service to genuine businesses interested in the health of their computer systems.



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