The Aerocom Team have been working together for over 10 years, providing solutions, solving issues and servicing clients with a personal touch. We are a progressive company focussing on our clients' needs and responding with intelligent, cost-effective solutions. We listen to our customers and tailor a personal solution right for you.



Traditionally I.T. companies are focused on the time spent performing work for their client. This makes it difficult to estimate labour charges before work is performed, thus rewarding I.T. companies that perform work slowly, rather than those that perform work efficiently.

The Aerocom Technology Service Level Agreement (SLA) forms the backbone of the relationship between Aerocom Technology and you, the client. We provide different levels to match your service requirements and budget, each level clearly defining the work that will be performed under the SLA at no charge to you. It is an incredibly simple concept. The SLA is not based on the number of hours work allowed each month. There are simply a range of tasks, outcomes and regular maintenance that will be performed under the scope of the SLA. If Aerocom Technology engineers perform their work slowly or you have more problems in a certain month (problems that are covered under your level), there is no additional cost to you.

The Aerocom Technology SLA is therefore a commitment to you to ensure work is performed efficiently and that the performance of your network is always at peak. This is the Aerocom difference, a simple concept that benefits the customer.

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