Always have the support you and your employees need,
with a single point of contact.
Support Untangled
You insurance can replace your computers,
but it can't replace your data.
Backups Untangled
Get in the cloud, no capital expenses, no worries.
Cloud Untangled
Modern Office Phone Systems, great ongoing
savings for your business.
Phones Untangled
Know what your yearly IT Budget will be
with a fixed price monthly agreement.
Costs Untangled
Click - Switch - Happy
Worries Untangled

At Aerocom, we aim to fix any problems on the spot and keep your business running without disruption. We listen to our customers’ needs and tailor solutions to fit your business. By using innovative solutions, Aerocom will keep your I.T. infrastructure running efficiently to allow you to focus on your core business. Call us today and get the most out of your I.T.

Why choose Aerocom? Here's a dozen reasons!

  • 01

    1 Hour Response

    100% guaranteed

    Get all your hardware, software and technical issues resolved with a single point of contact. No more waiting on the phone losing productivity, Aerocom will get your problems solved, FAST!

    Friendly Staff

    Trained Experts

    Aerocom have a team of support staff that have a wealth of combined experience, and someone is always available 365, 24/7. From Anti-virus to Networks to Web-hosting just one number to call to resolve all your I.T. issues.
  • 03

    Off-Site Backup

    Safe & Secure

    When did your last backup run? When did you last test a restore? Our off-site backup service not only gives you peace of mind that your backups are completed and verified daily, it also means there is an off-site copy of your data should a problem occur at the office.

    Disaster Recovery

    Plan & Implement

    We can also tailor Disaster Recovery options to get your business back up and running fast in the event of a major problem. Let us help you plan for these scenarios for your businesses piece of mind.
  • 05

    Full Featured

    Modern yet simple

    Would you like to simplify your communications? With our modern office phone systems you can have all the features of the large phone systems at a fraction of the cost. Voicemail and Faxing to your email just to name a few.

    Huge Savings

    Calls & Line Rental

    You can save a fortune with no more line rentals and a flat call cost for all local and national calls. At the same time, calls to mobiles and overseas are also timed in seconds with no flag-fall, so you really do see the difference.
  • 07

    Fixed Costs

    No surprises

    Know what your yearly I.T. Budget will be with an Aerocom fixed price Support agreement. This allows you to plan your budget in advance with no surprise charges. With Aerocom you won't get hit with bill every time you need some help.

    You're Covered!

    Support Agreements

    Our support agreements allow you the flexibility for what ever your business needs are regardless of size. We have customers with only 2 PCs to some with over 100, together we can work out what is right for you.
  • 09

    Hosted Solutions

    It Makes Sense

    Aerocom’s cloud services can host everything from your email and data to your complete server and desktop. Available from any location, any time, lighting fast even from your iPad. Unlike other providers we don’t just work in the cloud, so we can implement the right strategy for your business.

    Zero Capital

    No More Upgrades

    Are you sick of upgrading your systems every couple of years? Let us do the upgrading for you! Our hosted solutions use high-availability so there's no downtime, and since its hosted you save on electricity, which means it is environmentally friendly too!
  • 11

    We're on it 24/7!

    Real-Time Alerts

    We use the most advanced and sophisticated tools on the market to monitor your systems even when you're sound asleep. If there's an issue, most of the time we will know about it before you do!

    We're Proactive

    Preventative Tasks

    We use warning notifications that allow us to see problems before they happen. Our engineers perform preventative maintenance as required to reduce the problems such as virus outbreaks and storage issues from occurring.

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